Kalia the lost gibbon

Kalia-The Lost Gibbon. A 12.00-minute conservation documentary showcasing the relationship between Kalia a Western Hoolock Gibbon and the people of Ketatong, Margherita Assam.   

Kalia the lost gibbon is an entertaining film with the reality of truth.

Maasai Mara Magic

Take the step towards your dream trip and be assured you will come back with memories of a life time. Photo tour with Nimit Virdi.
Shot on GH5, MavicPro

Lake Nakuru

Our trip through the beautiful Lake Nakuru, Kenya, Africa!

Tiger Vows

A film celebrating Daulat Singh Shaktawats 40 years of service to wildlife. Get to know this outstanding office as he shares his story.

My Wildlife Showreel 2016

My short video compilations showcasing my Wildlife showreel from the year 2016.

wild united arab emirates

Most people say UAE has no wildlife.  This is for them

hediyala jatare

Dec 2014 Ecovolunteers who were trained by the Karnataka Ecotourousm board in action.

Eco Volunteers 2013 - 2018

Eco Volunteers activities from 2013 to 2018.