Anup x MC Bijju - Hosa Jeevana

Anup's third official music video "Hosa Jeevana" is a cliched love song inspired by what every songwriter in the world writes about, not based off true events, but visually the idea has been inspired from "Yakshagana" which is one of the oldest folk artforms of Karnataka, India where the characters in the Yakshagana folk art tell the story through the form of dance. Hence came the idea, as the yakshagana character narrates my story telling of love through dance! Hope you enjoy!  

Switcheroo - Bring It (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)

Music video by Switcheroo performing 'Bring It' off the upcoming debut album 'Enslaved by the Establishment' to be released in 2018. 

Male ( Rain ) Official Music Video - Anup x Siri

Anup's second single Male ( Rain ) in kannada is a song dedicated to people who love rain and everything about it. Siri ( English / Kannada Rapper ) has brought in her beautiful vibe in this song to make it all the more good!

Anup x Argenil - Bengaluru

Music video for Bengaluru performed by Anup x Argenil.

Shweta Prabhu Cover song

Shweta Prabhu cover song Bolywood sandalwood mashup music produced by Hriday Goswami Dop by Argenil Productions ar rehmaan anumalik gurukiran hariharan chitra ks sadhana sargam monalithakur

Switcheroo-King of the Castle

Debut single and music video by Bangalore-based band, Switcheroo, titled - King of the Castle.