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Nikhil Virdi is a freelancing DOP who was born in the Nilgiri biosphere reserve. Admiring nature was an everyday event with his grandfather. He is a graduate in BSc in Mass Communication, Advertising and Journalism. After which he worked in the add industry for a couple of years. The calling for wildlife filming began when he started working for Sandesh Kadur. Nikhil gained on-field experience on projects like BBC's Planet Earth II, his film Kalia_The Lost Gibbon has won many laurels in international forums and is responsible to bring about the celebration of World hoolock Gibbon day in Assam. 

Conservation films are apart of his journey but he has diversified his skills set to generate content to help his clients reach out to a wider audience. His aim is to entertain people and educate them with the help of his camera.  Aerial filming, timelapse photography and editing are a part of the ever-growing skill set. 

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Nikhil Virdi

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